Isabel could be deported for swerving

Isabel could be deported for swerving

This mother of five should be with her children, not in immigration detention facing deportation. Call today and ask for her release: 956-217-3700.

Right now, Isabel Barbosa is in immigration detention facing deportation after being stopped by State Troopers for swerving.

Isabel lives in La Joya and works at a restaurant in Mission, both in western Hidalgo County. She is the mother of five children, the youngest three years old.

Yesterday afternoon, she and her family were driving to the City of Hidalgo to check their mail, as the family had recently moved. They were stopped by a DPS State Trooper for crossing the white line and the next thing they knew, Isabel was being arrested by Border Patrol.

Isabel is a LUPE member, and fortunately her daughter and husband called us for help. Isabel's daughter, also named Isabel, had tears in her eyes as she told us what happened.

"I never imagined that for a traffic stop, something like this would happen," Isabel's daughter told us.

Isabel could be deported, separated from her husband, five children--all U.S. citizens--and the community she has called home for the last 18 years. We can stop that from happening.

Please call 956-217-3700 and ask for Isabel's immediate release. Call and say:

"Isabel Barbosa was detained by DPS State Troopers for a minor traffic violation and then arrested by Border Patrol. Isabel is the mother of five U.S. citizen children, the youngest just 3 years old, and has lived in the U.S. for over 18 years. She is not a threat to national security and is not a priority for deportation. Please release her immediately!"

After calling, be sure to share this on Facebook and ask your friends to call.

Isabel's case is one of many cases of DPS State Troopers collaborating with immigration during routine traffic stops. If we can get Isabel released and back with her family, it will help us build momentum toward ending DPS/Border Patrol collaboration. If we show DPS and Border Patrol that we will not allow them to detain and deport our community members for traffic violations, we could turn public opinion against this practice and get them to stop.

Isabel should be with her children, not in an immigration detention center. Please call and help us get her home.

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