Sign the Pledge: Vote for Colonias


Colonias need streetlights, drainage and other services. Politicians believe they can ignore colonias because, according to them, colonia residents don't vote and city residents don't care about colonias. We know that's not true because we have the support of people from all walks of life. We'll prove that to our elected officials when we meet with them after the elections and show them the number of vote pledges we get.

The more vote pledges we get, the more power colonia residents will have to demand that elected officials take action. Show your support for colonias by pledging to vote today.

Pledge: Today, I make my commitment for my family, community and country. I will vote in these elections.

Promesa: Hoy, hago un compromiso con mi familia, mi comunidad y mi país. Yo votaré en estas elecciones.


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Yes I support La Union del Pueblo Entero.
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No I do not support La Union del Pueblo Entero.

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