Join the "Ven con Ten" Campaign!

Join the *Ven con Ten* campaign and multiply your impact at the polls times ten! Ven con Ten means “come with ten” in Spanglish. It is the idea that each one of us can multiply our impact at the polls by asking our friends and family to vote.

Here's how it works: You make a list of ten voters that you know (including yourself) and then ask them personally to register and get out to vote for reasons that are important to you. By using your established relationships with voters, they are more likely to actually vote and you multiply your impact on this November's election.

When you pledge your support for the Ven con Ten campaign, you pledge to get your list of ten voters out to the polls this November.

Who's pledging

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Yes I support La Union del Pueblo Entero.
I might support La Union del Pueblo Entero, tell me more.
No I do not support La Union del Pueblo Entero.

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