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Join the Ven con Ten campaign and get your friends and family out to vote.

Join the Ven con Ten campaign and multiply your impact at the polls times ten!

When you ask a friend to help you move, they don’t do it because they like moving TVs and furniture, they do it because it’s important to you and you asked them to.

Voting works the same way. We do it not because it's glamorous or exciting, but because it's important and impacts the people we care about. We are more likely to vote if someone we know asks us to do so.

Ven con Ten means “bring ten” in Spanglish. It is the idea that each one of us can multiply our impact at the polls by asking our friends and family to vote. You make a list of ten voters that you know, then ask them personally to register and get out to vote for reasons that are important to you. By using your established relationships with voters, they are more likely to vote and you multiply your impact on elections times ten.

But you won’t be doing it alone. We’ll be here to help.

To help you recruit and follow up with your ten friends and family, we will give you:

  • Pointers on how to talk to friends and family about the issues that are important to them and to you;
  • Voter commitment form or cards for them to show their support for the issues;
  • Information on who is running and what their positions are on important issues;
  • A form to help you make your list of voters and check if they are registered to vote, and
  • Information on where and when to vote when elections begin.

Join the Ven con Ten campaign today. Register here to get started.

LUPE leaders are making their lists of 10 voters and will be working hard to get them out to vote this November. They will be asking their friends and family to vote for important issues like streetlights and drainage for colonias, health care and better wages for low income residents, and driver’s licenses regardless of immigration status. They have the goal of getting one thousand voters to cast ballots in these elections.

Our online supporters can help multiply our impact. We have 7,000 online supporters. If only 2% of our supporters bring 10 people out to vote, that will be 1,400 more voters showing their support for the issues important to LUPE members. That’s 2,400 votes for colonias!

Help us get 2,400 votes for colonias. Register here for the Ven con Ten campaign and multiply your impact at the polls.


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