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  • donated 2016-01-11 20:58:13 -0600

    Donate to La Union del Pueblo Entero

    Help us build stronger, healthier communities where residents have the power to create social change. Donate today.

    Your generosity will help our organization continue serving our members, especially those struggling through poverty, allowing them to benefit from our low cost social services and through their participation in LUPE’s community organizing program.

    $20 helps provide four t-shirts for children marching at the Annual Cesar Chavez March

    $50 helps LUPE provide five hours of English classes for thirty immigrants trying to make a better life for their family


  • signed Petition: I Stand with the President on Administrative Relief 2015-08-06 17:54:45 -0500
    It is time for the GOP leaders to start looking out for all the citizens of this country. It is not productive to have a policy of criticizing the president. That is Not Governing.

    Petition: I Stand with the President on Administrative Relief

    Add your signature in support of the President's action on immigration. We'll deliver your signature to elected officials at the end of our campaign.


    1,079 signatures

    Petition: I Stand with the President on Administrative Relief

    Petition text:

    The President's Immigration Action is good for Texas and good for our nation. I urge you to continue your support for, or end your opposition to, the President’s Administrative Relief program.

    Petition will be sent to:

    RGV Delegation to the Texas Legislature
    Texas Governor
    Texas Lt. Governor

    Texas Attorney General
    RGV Members of Congress
    US Senators from Texas

    Add signature
  • commented on Contact 2016-10-15 10:28:00 -0500
    I wish to renew my dues. How much will it cost? It seems to me that I heard that renewing is $20. Is that correct? OR should I send $40?

    Also, there is not a separate place on the Donate site for membership dues. So, when I donate I want it to go towards my membership.

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