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  • LUPE Toy Drive: Bring a smile to a low income child

    This holiday season help bring a smile to a low Income child by donating new, unwrapped and non-violent toys ($5-$15/ Ages 0-10 years old) to our San Juan, Alton, and Mercedes LUPE offices from Nov. 30th-Dec. 18th

    What a better way to celebrate the holidays than by sharing what you have with neighbors who are in need of assistance to meet their basic needs! Your generosity will have a positive impact on colonia children in most need who will celebrate the holidays with a smile as they open their holiday gifts. View our offices at

    Here are some ideas for gifts based on ages:



    Puzzles, Board Books, Building Blocks, Stuffed Animals, Blankets, Trucks, Musical Instruments for Toddler, Riding Toys, Push Toys, Baby Dolls

    Children ages
    3 - 5

    Baby Dolls, Dolls or Barbies, Puzzles, Developmental Board Games (Counting Games), Arts and Crafts Sets, Race Tracks, Legos, Dress Up Clothes

    Children ages
    6 - 8

    Board Games, Art Sets, sport balls, Barbie Dolls, Arts and Crafts Sets, Model Car Kits, Jewelry making set, scientific kits

    Teens ages 
    9 - 10

    Bath and Body Gift sets, Make Up Sets, Sports Equipment, Art Supply Kits, Soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, volleyballs


    No time to shop?

    Our holiday elves will be happy to do the shopping! Make a donation below or call (956-648-0786). No gift is too small when it comes to bringing a smile to a colonia child.

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    Q: Would you be interested in participating in a committee to provide feedback on our donors program?
    A: No

    LUPE Donor Program

    We are currently rebuilding our Community of Conscience program, and we welcome your feedback. If you have participated in this program in the past, please fill out this survey. Your answers will be helpful as we conceptualize the future of this program! If you have any questions, please contact us.

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    Q: Tell us why you're fasting.
    A: Testing survey.

    Join the Fast and Prayer against Militarization and for Citizenship

    Ayuno_badge_copy.jpgSign up for your 24 hour fast using the form below!

    LUPE and the RGV Equal Voice Network have begun a 40-day fast chain, Fast and Prayer against Militarization and for Citizenship (Ayuno y Oracion en Contra de la Militarización y a Favor de Ciudadanía), to deliver a strong moral argument for immigration reform: reforms to immigration and border enforcement should treat everyone with the compassion they deserve as human beings.

    We are fasting so that our leaders and the nations as a whole passes comprehensive immigration reform without further militarization of the borders. We hope that our leaders recognize the equal worth and dignity of all human beings, especially immigrants, and recognize their right to be here, to work and pursuing a better life.

    Each day at 12pm we will gather at LUPE’s San Juan office, located at the corner of Cesar Chavez Rd and Business 83, where individuals will begin their fast and will share their reasons for making the 24 hour sacrifice. Those who cannot join the daily ceremony can join the virtual fast by changing their Facebook profile picture.

    Sign up below or click here for more information on the fast.

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    Contact Our Staff!

    Got a question for our staff? Submit it here! We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

    If your question is in regard to a case that you have already started with us, please call the office that is working your case. For a list of staff and email at each office, click here. If the subject is urgent, please call us at 956-787-2233.

    Tiene una pregunta para nuestro equipo? Deje su pregunta aquí! Nos pondremos en contacto con usted lo mas antes posible.

    Si su pregunta es en relación con un caso que ya ha comenzado con nosotros, por favor llame a la oficina que está trabajando su caso. Para una lista de empleados y sus correos electrónicos, haga click aquí. Si el tema es urgente, llámenos al 956-787-2233.

    We look forward to hearing from you!

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